Knowing your ideal customer is a MUST for online advertising and social media. Nearly every company I encounter is spending ad dollars and paying someone to engage on a social media channel when their ideal customer is not even part of the audience that uses the platform!

When you truly know your ideal customer, you'll know what copy to write, what content to create, how to target your ads, how to present your products or services, what social media platforms to invest in, and you'll know what gets them to take your desired action!

It's very important that you complete the Target Audience posts as part of your target audience research. It's a time investment up front that pays off in saved time and money and in higher conversions of traffic into leads and leads into customers.

You can also benefit from the tools in Keywords and Questions Research because some of the tools in there will help you discover questions your audience is asking online.

  • AnswerThePublic
    A clever consumer insight tool that combines the suggested searches from Bing and Google and visualises them in what could be called a search cloud.

    This tool is a great way to see what your potential leads and customers are asking online. Enter your keyword phrase and choose your country, then you’ll see a list of all the questions people are asking. You'll not only learn about your ideal customer, but you can answer those questions in your content.
  • Amazon
    Go to Amazon and find the recently published books in your niche. Read the reviews and you'll find the common objections to what's already out there. Be sure to read the reviews that are 2 to 4 stars. These are the folks who tend to write out a more thoughtful review, with one or more objections, and they'll say what they thought was missing about the book as well as what was right about it.

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