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Conversion Tools (Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Popups)

Jim West
Jim West

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Successful marketers know the best way to scale their profits is to maximize conversions. More sales made from the SAME traffic translates into a DIRECT increase in profits.

Online lead generation is all about conversion. You can have all the website traffic in the world, but if you don't convert that traffic into leads and prospects, then you will eventually go out of business.

Your website pages, blog posts and landing pages must be optimized for conversions, and you must continually optimize them to increase conversion rates.

The key to high conversion rates is having strong call to actions (CTAs) that get your site visitors to take a desired action such as downloading your free offer, signing up for a webinar, navigating to important pages, etc.

Lead capture tools are designed to make your CTAs highly visible to your site visitors, which results in improved conversion rates.

Insider Tip: You will better understand these tools if you have gone through  the Email Marketing posts..

Also see the Chatbots and Push Notifications categories in the Digital Toolbox.

Check out for examples (swipes) of all kinds of successful ads, landing pages, sales pages etc. for your industry/niche.

Here are tools to help you maximize conversions that translate into a DIRECT increase in profits.

Landing Page and Sales Page Builders

This is one area where you do not want to try and reinvent the wheel. The developers behind these page builders have tested dozens of designs and turned them into templates so that you don't have to waste time and money figuring it all out.

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