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Jim West
Jim West

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As someone who has created and distributed hundreds of blog posts, articles, videos, etc., I can tell you that content marketing is the number one way to build brand awareness, position your business as the authority in your market, drive traffic, and most importantly, generate leads!

However, creating content from scratch is time intensive and can get quite expensive if you're paying someone to create the content for you. While creating fresh original content is important, you can save yourself time and money by adding content curation to your overall content marketing plan.

Also see Content Marketing in the Digital Marketing Toolbox. It's basically a full course! It also lists all types of content marketing tools, including content curation tools.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation involves presenting other people’s relevant content to your target audience in a way that's useful, meaningful, and that promotes understanding.

So, for example, you might find a blog post about a topic that you agree with or find of value. You can share the post with your audience, along with commentary on why you believe it's relevant and important. You can point out what about this blog post is useful and meaningful, and promote understanding of it by giving your point of view.

What is Content Repurposing?

When you repurpose content, you take content that was already created, either private label rights content (PLR) or content you created in the past, and share it in a different form.

You need to have the rights to reuse the content in this way, if you didn't create it yourself. Sometimes you just put the content in a new place. For example, if you had a webinar about a certain topic, you could take that webinar, transcribe it, and create a report.

Alternatively, you can add that webinar to a membership site so that members always have access. You can turn a blog post into a podcast, into a YouTube video, into a webinar, into an e-course. You can take the content in as many different directions as you want.

With both curation and repurposing, you’re delivering a lot of value to your audience without having to do a lot more work. There is no reason you need to create content from scratch for every piece of content that you distribute to your audience.

Instead, you can work smart. Use other people’s content to advance your brand, your ideas, and your products and services. Reuse anything you create, or that you buy.

For example, let's say a mortgage company buys a home financing PLR ebook. They brand it for their company. They use one of the chapters to create a blog post and a video. Maybe the owner or a broker does a home financing podcast. They pull various social media posts out of the ebook. All of this content promotes the ebook that prospects can download by giving their name and email address. The company continually builds a list of qualified leads!

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