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Grow Your List With FB and Instagram

Jim West
Jim West

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Using Facebook and Instagram Live as a list growing method is an excellent way to use social media and the power of video to grow your email list. But you won’t grow your email list without a plan to follow. Use these business hacks to grow your list with Facebook and Instagram Live.

Develop Lead Magnets

The first things you need are multiple problem-solving, attention-grabbing, lead magnets. Ok, at least one to get started and then add on from there.

Think about what your ideal audience members on Facebook and Instagram want and need. Your lead magnet(s) should address a common need of your ideal customer. After all, you want to build an email list of buyers.

  • Facebook / Instagram Buyer Persona
    Who needs this lead magnet on Facebook or Instagram? What other products would they be willing to buy after getting the lead magnet? Knowing what you’ll want to promote after they download your lead magnet is as important as creating the lead magnet.
  • Facebook / Instagram Buyer Needs
    As you determine what to create, ask yourself what can you do specifically for your Facebook and Instagram buyer? What problems does this audience have? What solution or info can you give them to download as a PDF?
  • Facebook / Instagram Audience Solutions
    The lead magnet you offer Facebook and Instagram members should inspire hope and provide a solution. When you solve an issue for your audience, it highlights your value and authority, as well as the solution’s worth. This builds trust and reduces the ever-present risk and fear factors involved with signing up and downloading.
  • Name the Facebook / Instagram Lead Magnet
    Choosing a name for your Facebook and Instagram lead magnet is very important. It should grab the audience’s attention, be direct, intrigue, and allude to the solution offered.

    It should also enable the people who need it to see themselves or relate to a specific emotion or situation. Ideally, the title and promise should excite the potential Facebook and Instagram subscribers or buyers.

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