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Jim West
Jim West

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Growing your list with Pinterest is not only effective but it can also be fun. You just need a little creativity and the ability to think outside of the box so that you can make awesome pictures that tell a story, engage your audience, and of course get clicks so that people will ultimately sign up for your email list.

Try these business hacks to grow your list with Pinterest, and you’ll be pleased with the successful results.

Truly Understand Your Niche

Before you get started, you need to understand your niche and audience thoroughly. When you can narrow your focus to include only the areas that interest your audience, it makes a huge difference in competition and budget. And when you learn to keep your niche narrow, you will attract more people who are right for your list rather than getting people on your list who won’t engage and or eventually buy from you.

Know Your Audience Well

Your audience is very important when you want to market on Pinterest. You need to know what type of boards they look at, who they follow, and what questions they need answers to. What is their problem and how can you solve it within your narrow focus (niche)? For example, if you want to help mothers of toddlers, who need to learn organizational skills, you need to understand who they are and what their life is like before you recommend the next new organizational system to them.

Optimize Your Profile

First thing’s first. Your profile is of utmost importance on Pinterest. If your profile isn’t optimized, your audience may not find you. This one thing will always improve the results you get, within days of optimizing your profile.

To optimize your Pinterest profile:

Get a Business Account
Using a personal account for business doesn’t work very well. You'll want to convert your account to a business account because you’ll get a lot more features. Plus, it’s still free. It doesn’t take much time to convert, they make it easy. You’ll be able to brand your account a lot easier, hold contests, show that you’re a verified business and so much more.

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