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Grow Your List With Webinars

Jim West
Jim West

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Video is responsible for over half of all traffic to websites. Because of that, webinars are amazingly effective in helping you build a responsive email list. But, to be successful, you need to choose the right topic for your audience, present it on the right platform, and get the word out about your webinar so that you have plenty of registrations.

Remember, registrations equal email subscribers, not necessarily live viewers, so offer a recorded replay of the live webinar. That will help ensure registrants stay on your list and respond to your offers.

One of the main reasons to use webinars to grow your list is that they can position you and your company as the experts. You will stand out from the competition. Webinars build trust and people buy from who they know, like, and trust. Let’s look at the process of growing your email list with webinars.

Choose Your Topic Wisely

Picking a webinar topic is one of the most important aspects of using webinars to build your email list. You need to offer enough value for people to spend an hour with you, but you don’t want it to give everything away so that they have no reason to purchase your offers.

  • Make it Useful
    Your ideal audience member should be able to attend the webinar and learn something useful they can put into use right now to solve one of their problems. You don’t want to make the topic too broad because it will be too much to deliver in just an hour.

    You want the topic to provide something useful that build trust so that your audience stays on your list, joins your wider community and eventually becomes a paying customer.
  • Is Specific & Focused
    Keep the webinar very focused on that one thing that you want to teach your audience. Don’t go off on any tangents because it’ll make the webinar feel unfocused.

    When you stay focused, you’ll have plenty of time to deliver value, including questions and answers. Plus, a focused topic means more relevant subscribers added to your email list.

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