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Jim West
Jim West

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When growing your list, remember that gaining more traffic is not the only goal. Attracting highly targeted traffic, full of people who want and need what you’re offering, is the goal. Therefore, you need to develop a list-growing strategy that uses tactics that focus on your goal: Building and Growing a Responsive List.

Follow These Steps to Get Optimal Results:

  1. Read all the information below.
  2. Download and complete the PDF worksheet to plan out how you're going to grow your list.
  3. Download and complete the PDF checklist to complete the necessary tasks to grow your list.

Now that you’ve created and made multiple lead magnets (at least one) and gave your audience multiple entry points to your list, you can focus on growing your list.
See Setting up Highly Targeted Opt-in Offers

The following strategies and insider tactics will help ensure that when someone joins your list, they really do want the information you’re providing and they'll turn into a paying customer/client. So, let’s build that traffic.

Create a User-Friendly Site

First and foremost, everything begins and ends with your website. If your website doesn’t look great, work fast, and doesn’t work on all devices, you are likely missing out on numerous opportunities to connect with potential customers.

  • Develop a Responsive Website
    Using a responsive template is simple today, but if you add images, always double check to make sure they resize and are positioned correctly on the screen. You can check by using, as well as your own mobile device, and other tools.

    Here is a review of 5 cross-browser testing tools >>

    Note: Even though nearly everyone on earth has a mobile phone, it doesn't mean that YOUR audience predominantly views your site on mobile. I have a client whose audience is architects and designers who are mostly on big desktop screens all day.  Therefore, we need to favor desktop design while still making sure users can navigate on mobile.
  • Brand Your Website
    You don’t want your audience to be confused when they visit your website. Keep your branding the same throughout your online real estate, from social media to your website, landing pages, and everything in between. You can do this by using logos, fonts, colors, etc., to develop your branding so that everything matches.
    Read this article on creating a Brand Style Guide >>
  • Make it Easy to Contact You
    You don’t want someone to have to dig around your website to find a way to contact you. Make it very easy by placing the contact info at the top and bottom of your site, as well as in the sidebar (if you have one). Visitors should be able to contact you easily, when needed.
  • Create Simple Navigation
    The rule of thumb with navigation is that less is more. Plan your navigation in advance to help create the right setup. Use labels on the navigation links that adequately identify what they’ll find there.

    Make sure your primary navigation stands out. This menu is usually at the top of every page of your website, but a vertical menu layout can be easier for mobile users. Always link the logo to the home page so that no one gets lost.
  • Ensure it Loads Fast
    A slow loading site is a traffic killer. In most cases, if your site takes longer than .8 seconds to load people will leave.

    Consider using a content delivery network (CDN). Use the right image formats and sizes, browser caching, fewer plugins, enable compression, the right web host, and more.
    Test your site load time here >>

When you create your website, it’s important to consider your target audience because that’s who is going to use it most. Are they tech challenged? What colors do they like? What do they expect when they come to your site?

By making their wants and needs the top priority, you will end up with a user-friendly website that people want to visit and click through.

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