When it comes to writing sales pages, squeeze pages, and other online forms of persuasion, many people freeze in their tracks. They’re afraid if they don’t get just the right (perfect) formula, they won’t sell a thing.

While it is true that you need to get it right, you certainly don’t have to get it perfect to start making sales with your own copywriting.

Think about when you tell a friend of the delicious meal you had a local restaurant. Do you follow a formula to make sure you’ve told them just the right things? No – I bet you don’t! You just let the conversation flow naturally…You probably start with how it was a busy place, but the transition from waiting for a table to being greeted by your waitress was seamless. You might talk about how welcoming and friendly everyone was. Then you talk about how clean and bright the washrooms were. Then you might go on to say how delicious the food was. And you might even include a story about the waitress who went out of her way to make sure your son had everything he needed to keep busy while waiting for the dinner.

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