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Jim West
Jim West

Start increasing your click-through rates and conversions through the power of web push notifications. These are not meant as a replacement for email marketing, but as an addition to your lead generation strategy.

A push notification is sent through your phone's operating system. iPhone users see Push Notifications displayed in the middle of the phone screen. Android users will see them move across the top of the phone and then display in the phone's notification center. Push notifications can also appear on desktop computers.

While push notifications are not a replacement for email marketing, the big advantage is that they are always viewable whether someone is on your site or not. Email can get blocked by spam filters and lost in the shuffle. You can also setup advanced notifications and drip campaigns just like email marketing.

Here is a good explanation of push notifications versus text notifications >>

Here are the pros and cons of push notifications and how to get started >>

Here is what it looks like on a desktop when your users are asked if they'd like to receive push notifications.

Push notification that came up on the bottom right of my screen. Great way to drive traffic to your content and generate more leads.

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