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With millions being made on YouTube and companies driving massive traffic, leads, and sales with video, it's no surprise that more and more marketers are using the following types of video as part of their digital marketing efforts.

  • Explainer video to describe the ins and outs of a product or a concept.
  • Whiteboard videos where you're using a dry erase board, OR you can show a hand drawing different pictures while a voice-over explains key concepts. E.g. Doodle videos.
  • Spokesperson video where you talk straight to the viewer and explain certain points.
  • Blog post video that uses text, images, voiceover and/or music to bring a blog post to life. Use video at the top of your post and a transcript of the video as the text. Great for SEO since you're using both video and text.
  • Testimonial videos from customers or clients.
  • Screen recording video where you use your mouse and drawing tools to explain a concept.
  • On screen text video where you simply show the text on a white background as you say it. Great for landing pages!
  • Video ads
  • Social media video updates. On Facebook, you can go live whenever you have a message.
  • Video lead magnet instead of a free guide in PDF format. Or do both! How Tos and case studies are ideal for this.
  • Email video. Embed a video or link to a video using your video thumbnail.
  • Banner video. Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms allow you to put a video in your cover photos and banners.
  • Host Webinars. Choose a hot topic, choose what you want to promote, create a simple outline, and go for it. (see Webinar Creation and Broadcasting)
  • It's endless what you can do with video!

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