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Jim West
Jim West

Very important to your lead generation efforts is the speed and reliability of your landing pages and your website. You don't want to put effort into SEO, social media, paid ads, etc. only to have your traffic sit there and wait for your site to load. They'll be out of there within a few seconds.

There are tons of hosting companies out there, but below are a few that will likely provide all you need to host a reliable, fast, secure site. And I've included a link to a site that reviews hosting sites.

I've also included an inexpensive option for registering domains and ways to test your website's speed and browser compatibility.

Also see Conversion Tools and checkout the landing page hosting options. Remember, you can capture leads from a standalone page outside of your website, especially if you are running ads. Some people don't use a website at all. They build a list through landing pages and market via email. Just depends on your type of business and goals.

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