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Writing Effective Product Descriptions

Jim West
Jim West

Having a great product just isn’t enough when it comes to selling your product online.

Instead, you have to show your reader WHY your product is great for THEM.

Add to that, if you sell the same products as other merchants, you have to set yourself apart from all the other merchants, to make your product the most attractive to your potential buyer.

So how do you go about writing effective product descriptions?

It Starts with Your Customer – Why Do They Want Your Product?

Before you write any product description, you need to know who your target customer is.

You also need to realize that your target customer is likely different for each product.

Even if it’s feasible that the same individual may buy more than one of your products, the reason WHY they want each product varies.

You really need to get at that reason why before you start writing anything, so for each product, write a list of those reasons why. Then it will be much easier to start writing when you have that information.

Tips for Writing Product Descriptions

Once you know who your customer is and why they want your product, you can start putting your product description together. Here are some tips that will make the job a bit easier.

Be aware of short attention spans. It’s no secret that Internet users have a short attention span. If you don’t capture their attention right away, they’ll move onto the next thing. The way you format your content plays a big role in doing just that.

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