If you want to sell stuff, you know you need sales copy. Without copy, even the greatest products can go unnoticed. Copy is what helps your readers understand your product’s benefits and why the product is (or isn’t) a good fit for them.

Without copy, it’s all just a guessing game, and you should never leave things to chance when it comes to selling your products.

If you dread writing sales copy and don’t have the cash to hire a true professional, the hard truth is you’re going to have to do some writing yourself. Sorry.

And seriously, NEVER skimp on sales copy.

Copy written by someone (YOU) who isn’t copywriter, but who is knowledgeable and passionate about the product, your copy will likely outperform copy written by a hire who only kind of knows what they’re doing.

So with that in mind, let’s get started.

Start by Brainstorming a List of Your Product Benefits

Know WHY your target customer wants to buy your product. If you sell a no-spill sippy cup, the benefit isn’t that it’s a cup with a lid. It’s not even that the cup doesn’t spill. The REAL benefit to a parent is the ability to give their child a cup in the car, and not having to worry about spills on carpets or being mortified by the stain their child left on their neighbor’s couch. Think deeper and go further to understanding why your audience needs your product.

Write a list as long as you can think of. There are no right or wrong answers. If you get stumped, ask your friends, family, or networking partners. Once you have a long list, you are now ready to start your sales page, and that starts with…

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